segunda-feira, 21 de agosto de 2006

We Got It

Dear reader, it is our duty to inform that our blog had an extraordinarily growth, beyond territorial limits. According to GoogleAnalytcis, in the last week we received visits from the most different people, languages and nations. As we can see in the map (to see in large size, click here), Argentines, Finnish, Swedish, North Americans and even though Japanese had passed in this place, and, as an evidence of our thankfulness, we dedicate this post to all of you, as Brazilians in far lands or even foreigners, witch had found our humble blog in the giant universe and gave us a gift with your honorable visit. For us, as blog's contributors, it is an enormous satisfaction to see the success reached, credit to much claw and devotion.
Unfortunately, for the fact that the absolute majority of the visits still to be done in Portuguese (88,71% to be exact), we will continue to post in Portuguese. However, we hope that very soon we will come back to bring wonderful news just as this one, in different languages, evidencing the multi cultural character of ours blog.
Here is our thankfulness to those who, in some way, had contributed for the success reached, by reading periodically, giving us your comments or promote it on your own way. Our deep and sincere appreciation.

A special thanks to Germano Heckler for the revision and correction. If you find some mistakes, it's his fault.

Para a leitura do mesmo em português clique aqui (tradução não-literal)