sábado, 24 de fevereiro de 2007

Quote of the day

Em um dos textos para a Monografia, uma interessante distinção entre "knowledge" e "information":

So, for example, the few hundred pages of demonstration of the last Fermat theorem would come under the heading of "information". Granted that, only some dozens mathematician in the world will have the adequate "knowledge" to understand and evaluate it. On the other hand, a chimpanzee, facing those same pages of information might just feel like eating them, and the vast majority of humans being would fall somewhere in between these two extremes. Similarly a manual on "how to produce microprocessors" is "information", while knowledge concerns the pre-existing ability of the reader to understand and implement the instruction contained therein.¹

O mais interessante é ver os autores estabelecerem graus de inteligência entre "chimpanzee" e "mathematician".

¹ Texto extraído do paper "Economics and Technology" (Giovanni Dosi, Luigi Orsenigo and Mauro Sylos Labini)